Ex-factory price 3mva 5 Mva 33/11kv three-phase oil-immersed distribution transformer

Product Description1.Power Capacity: 25-20000KVA2.Voltage Level: 10KV,11KV, 13.8KV,15KV,17.5KV ,20KV,22KV ,24KV ,30KV,33KV 35KV 36KV and Others as customers requirement3.Type of Voltage Regulation: Off-circuit or On-Ioad4.Tapping Range: ±5 %  ±2x2.5 % ±4x2.5 %5.Frequency: 50Hz or 60Hz6.Phases: Three or

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Product Description

1.Power Capacity: 25-20000KVA

2.Voltage Level: 10KV,11KV, 13.8KV,15KV,17.5KV ,20KV,22KV ,24KV ,30KV,33KV 35KV 36KV and Others as customers requirement

3.Type of Voltage Regulation: Off-circuit or On-Ioad

4.Tapping Range: ±5 %  ±2x2.5 % ±4x2.5 %

5.Frequency: 50Hz or 60Hz

6.Phases: Three or single

7.Connection Symbol: Dyn11,Yyn0 ( or as requested)

8.Short- circuit Impedance:  Standard Impedance

9.Altiude is not exceeding 1000m,ambient temperature not exceeding 40OC. If it can't meet such conditions,we will modulate parameters in accordance with standard.

Ex-Factory Price 3mva 5 Mva 33/11kv 3 Phase Oil Immersed Type Power Distribution TransformerEx-Factory Price 3mva 5 Mva 33/11kv 3 Phase Oil Immersed Type Power Distribution TransformerEx-Factory Price 3mva 5 Mva 33/11kv 3 Phase Oil Immersed Type Power Distribution TransformerEx-Factory Price 3mva 5 Mva 33/11kv 3 Phase Oil Immersed Type Power Distribution Transformer


  1. Oxygen-free copper lines of lower resistivity, which will become smoother and burr-free after series of additional surface treatment, so the load loss of our transformer is lower and the electric performance is better.
  2. High-quality silicon-steel plates which are of lower unit loss, and the no-load of the transformers is lower.
  3. High-quality wooden laminating insulation pieces, which won't split or move even under the influence of short circuit.
  4. Thoroughly filtrated transformer oil containing less water, gas and impurities, which makes our transformers work better.
  5. High-quality rubber sealing material, which can prevent the transformers form aging or leakage.

Technical Parameter

NO.DescriptionUnitGuaranteed Value
1Country of Origin CHINA
2Standard IEC60076
3Type Oil immersed type
4Brand Yawei
5Installation Outdoor
6Max. ambient temperature -30ºC~40ºC
7Altitude ≤1000m
8Rated PowerkVA600
9Primary VoltagekV34.50 
10Secondary VoltagekV3-0.75
11Rated FrequencyHz60
13Number of winding 2
14Number of phase 3
15Tap Range ±2X2.5%
16Refrigerant Mineral oil (PCB FREE)
17Cooling Method ONAN
18No-load lossesw1230
19Load lossesw9900
21The temperature rise -Top oilK60
22The temperature rise --WindingK65
23Basic insulation level(BIL)  
24Power frequency withstand voltage  
25Vector Group Dyn11
26Core material Grain oriented silicon steel
27Winding material(HV/LV) COPPER
Photovoltaic Power Transformer


No. ItemData
2Typeinsulating mineral oil ,according to standard IEC 60296
3Cooling methodONAN
4InstallationOutdoor / Indoor
5Primary nominal voltage 34.5 KV (available 13.2KV, 13.8KV 15KV ,11KV..)
6Secondary nominal voltage 800 V
7Frequency 60 Hz
8connection groupDyn11 Yn11 (secondary double winding)
10Max. losses in empty (no load)BK36B036
11Max losses in load BK36B036
12Tapping changer± 2 x 2.5% , manual
13short-circuit impedance6%
15CorrosionC 4
16Electrostatic screen between MT/BTYes, connect to ground
17DV/DT500V /us
18MT side connectionby angled plug-in terminals
19BT side connectionthrough terminals on copper plate
20Connection protections MT sidemetal drawer cover for outdoor IP55 (Optional)
21Connection protections BT sideIP55 metal outdoor cover drawer with cable glands for BT cable entry (optional)
22Cuba oil collection and filteroptional
24lifting lugsyes
25filling arrangement oil and drainageyes
26communication and control DGPT2 digital output signals
27product warranty≥ 2 years


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