Customized mobile 1250kVA box-type substation 11kv design manufacturer

Custom Mobile 1250KVA Box Type Transformer Substation 11KV Design manufacturersProduct descriptionBox type substation is a compact complete set of distribution equipment that combines high-voltage switchgear, distribution transformer and low-voltage switchgear according to certain wiring scheme. Main components: transformer

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Custom Mobile 1250KVA Box Type Transformer Substation 11KV Design manufacturers
Custom Mobile 1250kVA Box Type Transformer Substation 11kv Design Manufacturers

Product description
Box type substation is a compact complete set of distribution equipment that combines high-voltage switchgear, distribution transformer and low-voltage switchgear according to certain wiring scheme. Main components: transformer, high-voltage switchgear and its control equipment, low-voltage switchgear and its control equipment, corresponding internal connecting wire (cable, busbar, etc.) and other auxiliary equipment.

This product is a series of products designed and produced by our company to meet the needs of urban and rural power grid construction on the basis of introducing domestic and foreign advanced electrical manufacturing technology. It has the characteristics of small size, compact structure, intelligent operation, safety and reliability, short period of field installation and commissioning, and can replace the traditional substation. And it can meet the requirements of users' electric energy measurement, reactive power compensation, high and low voltage schemes, and it represents the development direction of small and medium-sized substations. This product is suitable for 10kV / 50Hz / 30 ~ 1600kVA power users in industrial and mining enterprises, docks, airports, public places, high-rise buildings and residential areas.

Custom Mobile 1250kVA Box Type Transformer Substation 11kv Design Manufacturers
Structure characteristic
1. The box shell is designed according to the actual situation with reference to foreign advanced technology, and it has the characteristics of firmness, heat insulation and ventilation, stable performance, corrosion prevention, dust prevention, waterproof, small animal prevention, beautiful appearance, etc. There are many choices of shell materials, such as steel plate, composite plate, stainless steel plate, cement plate, etc.

2. There are high-voltage switchgear such as xgn15, hxgn17 or kyn28a and other equipment in the high-voltage room for high-voltage incoming line, high-voltage metering and high-voltage outgoing line. The high-voltage side can be arranged with ring network power supply, terminal power supply, dual power supply and other power supply modes, and high-voltage metering elements can also be installed to meet the requirements of high-voltage metering. The main switch is generally load switch or vacuum circuit breaker, with compact and reasonable structure and perfect anti misoperation function.

3. There are low-voltage switchgear such as GGD, GCS or MNS and other equipment in the low-voltage room for low-voltage incoming line, reactive compensation and low-voltage outgoing line. The low-voltage side adopts the panel type or cabinet mounted structure to form the power supply scheme required by the user, which can meet the power distribution, lighting distribution, reactive compensation, electric energy metering and other functions. The main switch generally adopts the universal circuit breaker or the intelligent circuit breaker, which is flexible in installation and simple in operation.

4. The transformer in the transformer room can use the fully sealed oil immersed transformer or dry-type transformer. The oil immersed transformer can be S9, S11, S13 or SH15, and the dry-type transformer can be scb10, scb11, SGB10 or scbh15. According to the actual needs of customers, it can be configured freely, which has the advantages of more selectivity and flexibility.

5. The cover of the box is designed with double-layer structure, and the interlayer is filled with foam plastics, which has good heat insulation function. The transformer room is equipped with anti condensation and automatic temperature control monitoring, heating and cooling devices. A dust-proof device is arranged on the position of the door sheet and the louver outside the side plate.

The Specification 
ItemUnitsHigh-voltage electrical apparatusTransformerLow-voltage
Rated voltageKV4/106/0.4 10/0.40.4
Rated capacityKVA     50~1600 
Rated currentA200/400/630 100~3200
Rated short circuit breaking current
Aload switch 400-630 15~63kA
KAThe combination switch 
depends on the fuse
Rated short time withstand currentKA16,20(4s) 15(1s)
Rated peak withstand currentKA31.5,50 30
power frequency withstand voltage(1min)
Opposite and interphase
25/35(oil type)≤0.3,2
isolating distance
20/28(dye type)>0.3,2.5
Lightning impact voltage (peak)
Opposite and interphase 
isolating distance 
Noise level55db
Protection gradeIP23
Executive standardGB/T17467
Our workshop
Custom Mobile 1250kVA Box Type Transformer Substation 11kv Design Manufacturers
Company Introduction 

Custom Mobile 1250kVA Box Type Transformer Substation 11kv Design Manufacturers
Qingdao Hengfengyou Electrical Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hengfengyou) is a large-scale enterprise group with electricity transmission and distribution as its main business,which integrates scientific research, development, manufacturing and trade. After 30 years rapid economy development in China, Hengfengyou now is a leading R & D, manufacturing and service base for MV , HV and ultra-HV power distribution equipment in China. At present,we have 50 senior technicians and more than 300 employees, with a complete sales and service system. Our products sell well at home and abroad, and our annual output value adds up to $100 million. .
At present, Hengfengyou has 6 wholly-owned and holding subsidiaries, which are respectively engaged in R & D, manufacturing and service of transformers, switchgear, package/unit substation, pole-mounted high-voltage vacuum circuit breakers, new energy, and electrical engineering. For a long time, the company has maintained close technical exchanges and cooperation with domestic and foreign universities, scientific research institutes and electric power enterprises. Hengfengyou independently designed and developed SCB series dry-type transformer and SC series oil immersed transformer. Our product performs with high operation efficiency, and obvious energy conservation. The overall performance index reaches the world's advanced level. The company also maintains long-term strategic partnership with Schneider, ABB, Simens, Chint and other electric suppliers. We absorbed foreign advanced experience in electrical equipment production and independently designed and developed a series of substation equipment, which realized the automation and intelligence of the substation, and of which the performance has been highly recognized by the user at home and abroad. In the following five years, the company plans to build an intelligent workshop with an annual output of 100000 transformers.Then,the intelligent robot will replace 80% of the existing labor force, which will greatly improve the production efficiency, lower production cost, and produce more energy-saving, environmentally friendly, more safe and reliable the product for the users!
Under China's one belt, one road policy and as an outstanding one of China manufacturing enterprises of power transmission and distribution equipment, Hengfengyou has provided reliable electrical products and services for more than 50 countries and regions in the world. A good reputation of the brand name "HFY" was established in the global market, and won wide recognition and trust from customers. In the new era, the company will adhere to the service concept of "global intelligent electric service provider, make life better", and adhere to the enterprise tenet of "integrity, innovation, customer achievement". We take "high quality products, wholehearted service" as the team spirit, and provide more excellent products and services for customers at home and abroad. Hengfengyou sincerely hope to establish with clients at home and abroad long-term win-win cooperation facing the future!
HFY Certificate
Custom Mobile 1250kVA Box Type Transformer Substation 11kv Design Manufacturers
The Finished Power Project 
Custom Mobile 1250kVA Box Type Transformer Substation 11kv Design Manufacturers
Our Services

1.Pre sale service
a. make technical solution
b. send quotation, technical data sheet and drawing
c. prepare power transmission plan, testing plan and shipment plan
2. In sale service
a. supervise the manufacturing schedule totally in accordance with the plan
b. send photos to customer during every manufacturing process(hold point)
c. inform the customer one week before testing.
d. quick response within 12 hours any time.
3. After sale service
a.All parts are under Two Years Warranty with defects from manufacturer. All spare parts and component can be offered for free from the original manufacturer or HFY.
b. Training
We will provide free training to your technician free of charge at our factory site in Qingdao, China. The total training period would be 2 working days. All travel and related expensed would be at the purchaser's expense.
c. Technical Documents:
Original operation and service manuals, the service manual is completed with wiring diagram, block diagram and trouble shooting information.
d. Installation
Usually, clients can do the installation and operation by themselves when following the detailed English user manual. If clients want our technician do this work, please read the following terms:
The initial installation is not included with the professional HFY team member. All installation with the Hengfengyou team must be scheduled at least 4 weeks in advance before actual trip taken. All necessary connectivity must be ready prior the service being scheduled.
While Hengfengyou team member arrives at the site for a complete and final installation, two days training course will be provide to the customer for operation and maintenance procedure. The initial installation is provided within 5 working days excluding travel days. The actual installation days may vary, based on different machine mode. Each day of working hour consist at 8 working hours. Any additional day will be charge according to our service fee listed below.
When initial installation is being called for the Hengfengyou team required, the surcharge will be made in advance by the purchase at US$100/person/day plus all travel expenses. Travel expenses; local and destination transportation charges (air, train, ferry, bus, taxi or any means of transportation required to arrive to/from destination); accommodation (minimum of 3 star hotel facility) and 3 daily meals
Our Team Custom Mobile 1250kVA Box Type Transformer Substation 11kv Design Manufacturers
Q1: Is OEM/ODM available?
A1: Yes, it is! Our products can be Customized. We have design and engineer teams,we can customize products according to customers' drawing or requirements.
Q2: What's your MOQ?
A2: One Set.
Q3: How is the delivery time?
A3: It depends your order quantity and it normally takes about 15-20 days.
Q4: How do you control the quality?
A4: We have QC team comply with TQM to ensure the quality. Each step is in compliance to the standards. At the same time, we will take photos and shoot video for you if you need.Every product will be fully assembled and carefully tested before packing and shipping.
Q5: How long is the warranty?
A5: Within one year from the sale date, if there are any accessory problems, you just provide the photos of damaged accessory, then we will provide free accessory. According to the number of products, we will provide easily damaged accessories for free. We also can provide technical support if you need.
Custom Mobile 1250kVA Box Type Transformer Substation 11kv Design Manufacturers

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