380V 9kw 3HP transformer frequency conversion motor (CL300-4T9.0-DK)

Frequency Inverter for CNC Spindle 380V 9kw 3 Phase (CL300-4T9.0-DK)Product characteristics1. as many as 16 multistage speed, meet the engraving machine multiple speed requirements.2. Independent air duct design, suitable for multi-dust occasions3. Unique core algorithm, low interferencePersonalized featureFrequency range0~1000.

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Frequency Inverter for CNC Spindle 380V 9kw 3 Phase (CL300-4T9.0-DK)

Product characteristics
1. as many as 16 multistage speed, meet the engraving machine multiple speed requirements.
2. Independent air duct design, suitable for multi-dust occasions
3. Unique core algorithm, low interference

Variable Frequency Motor with 380V 9kw 3HP Transformer (CL300-4T9.0-DK)
Personalized feature
Frequency range0~1000.00Hz
Power rang220V Grade/1.5~15KW
380V Grade/1.5~15KW
Carrier frequency1KHz~15 KHz;
Input frequency0.01HZ
Control technologyV/F
Speed adjustable range1:100(SVC)
Precision of stable speed±0.5%(SVC)
Torque control precision±5%(VC)
Torque liftingAutomatic torque lifting; Manual torque lifting 0.1%~30.0%
V/F curve3 ways to set in the range of 5-1000Hz of rated frequency: linear type, Multipoint type,N th type V/F curve(1.2 power,1.4power,1.6power,1.8 power ,2 power)
acceleration and deceleration curveacceleration and deceleration mode: straight line/  S curve
3 kinds of  acceleration and deceleration time
The range of acceleration and deceleration time:0.0~6500.0s
DC brakingDC braking frequency:0.00Hz~ Max output frequency
Baking Time:0.0s~50.0s
Baking current value:0.0%~150.0%
AVRWhen the voltage of the network changes, the output voltage can be kept constant automatically.
Torque limitation and controlExcavator characteristics, Automatic torque limitation during operation, Prevention of frequent overcurrent tripping
Safety Self-inspection of Power supply Peripheral equipmentAccomplish power on the Peripheral equipment for Safety Detection such as grounded short circuit etc
Common DC bus functionRealizing the function of DC bus shared by several Inverters
Display and keyboard
LED displayDisplay monitoring parameters sush as: output frequency, Setting frequency, bus voltages etc
Protect functionShort-circuit detection of electrified motor
Run command channelThree channel: 1.operation panel given 2.control terminal given 3.Serial port given
Can be switched in a number of ways 
Frequency instruction8 kinds of Frequency instruction:1. Number given 2. analog voltage given 3. Analog current given 4. serial port given etc. Can be switched in a number of ways
Input terminalSix digital input terminals, Compatible with active PNP or NPN input modes; Two analog input terminals can be used as input voltage or current
Output terminalAn open-circuit collector output terminal, Two relay output terminals; Two analog output terminal: 0/4mA~20mA or 0/2V~10V The output of physical quantities such as setting frequency, output frequency and so on can be realized.
CL300 series
Model No.Dimension of case
Rated power
Rated current
Adaptive motor
input voltage
Triple phase
Triple phase
frequency range: 0-1000Hz
Operating panel instruction
PRG/ESCProgramming keyentry/return to previous menu
ENTER/DATAConfirmation keyStep by step into the menu, confirm Setting parameter
+Incremental keyIncrement of data or function code
-Decremental keyDecrement of data or functional codes
SHIFTShift keyThe display parameters can be cyclically selected under the running and downtime display interface: can select the modification bit of the parameter when modify a parameter
RUNRunning keyFor running operations
STOP/RESStop/Resetpress this key to stop the operation when the machine is working and reset operation in fault alarm state
MMul selection KeyMultifunctional switching selection

Variable Frequency Motor with 380V 9kw 3HP Transformer (CL300-4T9.0-DK)

Overall dimension of plastic shell body  case (wall - mounted)
Variable Frequency Motor with 380V 9kw 3HP Transformer (CL300-4T9.0-DK)

Overall dimension of mental shell body case (wall - mounted)
Variable Frequency Motor with 380V 9kw 3HP Transformer (CL300-4T9.0-DK)

CaseDimension(mm)Shell body
ABHWDdplastic shell body  case
E0152103223361502007mental shell body case
(wall - mounted)

2.Application area
1. Woodworking engraving machine
2. Stone engraving machine
3.Stone engraving machine
4. Cylindrical engraving machine
5. Craft engraving machine

Variable Frequency Motor with 380V 9kw 3HP Transformer (CL300-4T9.0-DK)

3. Packing &Payment & Shippment
(1)Paypal,T/T,West Union,L/C
(2)Mass production:50% deposit fist,and the balance should be paid before delivery.
Carton / Wooden,according customers' requirement.
Shipment(1)Sample order lead time is in 35 days.
(2)Mass quantity order lead time is 35-45 days.

Variable Frequency Motor with 380V 9kw 3HP Transformer (CL300-4T9.0-DK)

4. Benefits for our customers:
Over 20 years of experience in spindle technology
High Precision spindle bearings from our own factory
Excellent performance
Reliable operational safety
Use of quality components of selected premium manufacturers
Consistently outstanding quality characteristics
Wide selection of equipment options
Special solutions in every lot size
24-hour spindle service

Variable Frequency Motor with 380V 9kw 3HP Transformer (CL300-4T9.0-DK)

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Our main products include production of various series of fasteners products bolt,nut, plain washer series products;electric spindle,(water-cooled,air-cooled) woodworking spindle motor, bearing,hand tool sets,a variety of planetary ruducer siries and rack and pinion series.

In this competitive market, we entertain the spirit to make things better to enforce the quality of production and service. In the future, we will continue to develop and study up the technology of high grade spindles,rack and pinion series and other motor products and offer reasonable price for our customers to have stronger competitiveness in their market.

5. FAQ

Q:Can I get some samples first?
A:Sure, we are honored to offer you samples for your check.

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Q:What's the delivery time?
A:It usually takes about 7 working days,but the exact delivery time might be different for different order or at different time.

Q:How does your factory do regarding quality control? 
A: Quality is priority. We always attach great importance to quality control from the beginning to the end of the production. Every product will be fully assembled and carefully tested before packed. 

Q:What's your warranty terms? 
A:  We offer different warranty terms for different products. Please contact with us for details.

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