Tsgc2-3kVA~30kVA three-phase motor voltage regulator/variable transformer (internal structure)

The product is special Electric Motor Voltage Regulator/Variable Transformer which is connected in differentforms. lts output voltagecan be regulated smoothly and continuously from zero to the maximum voltage. The provision&n

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The product is special Electric Motor Voltage Regulator/Variable Transformer which is connected in differentforms. lts output voltage
can be regulated smoothly and continuously from zero to the maximum voltage. The provision of an indicating meter is made for all 
models. All models find popular application in industries, agriculture and scientific researches, and are particularly suited to serve as 
ancillary facilities for such equipment as various machine tools, transistorcurve tracers, projecting TVsets, and instruments in 
petroleum industry, etc.
Tsgc2-3kVA~30kVA 3phase Electric Motor Voltage Regulator/Variable Transformer (Structure inside)


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