45 Mva 220kv power transformer with Oltc

45 mva 220kv Power Transformer with OltcProduct Features1. Long life cycle2. Hign insulation level3. Oil leak proof design4. Excellent control for cooling5. Reasonabkle accessories selection6. Strong short circuit  withstand ability7. Low loss, Low noise, Free maintenance Advanced Design1. Adopting the art standard thr

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45 mva 220kv Power Transformer with Oltc

45 Mva 220kv Power Transformer with Oltc
45 Mva 220kv Power Transformer with Oltc

Product Features
1. Long life cycle
2. Hign insulation level
3. Oil leak proof design
4. Excellent control for cooling
5. Reasonabkle accessories selection
6. Strong short circuit  withstand ability
7. Low loss, Low noise, Free maintenance 

Advanced Design

1. Adopting the art standard three dimesion design software to produce correct and complete engineering documentation.
2.  Adopting the craft of  high frequency -welding and winding-Hydraulic compaction to  improve short  circuit ability. 
3. Adopting the craft of core Hydraulic compaction to improve the strength of core for reducing the noise level.
4.  Designing the transformer base on  the worst short circuit conditions for avoiding short circuit issue.
5. Adopting Electric Stress field calculation program to guarentee insulation level.
6. Adopting high quality rubber gaskets in groove for leak.

Quality Assurance
1. Adopting the Quality Control Verification Card to control quality in the whole manufacturing operations.
2. Strictly selecting the transformer raw material and the suppliers of accessories in domestic and abroad.
3. All transformers get authentication of ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 AND CE.
4. Comprehensive Training for workes and staffs to improve service quality.

Project Reference
1.  220kV power transformer Substation in United States.
2.  Auto-transformer150MVA/138KV Power Substation  in Ecuador
3.  Power traformer 50000kVA 60kV installing in Peru
4 .....

Transformer Catalogue
Transformer Description    Specifications
66 kV  Three-phase two windings power transformer with OLTC
66 kV  Three-phase two windings power transformer with OCTC
110 kV  Three-phase two windings power transformer with OCTC
110 kV  Three-phase two windings power transformer with OLTC
110 kV  Three-phase Three windings power transformer with OCTC
220 kV  Three-phase two windings power transformer with OCTC
220 kV  Three-phase two windings power transformer with OLTC
220 kV  Three-phase Three windings power transformer with OLTC
Parameter base on IEC standard, more details  Kindly contact with us

Shenda Electic Group Co., Ltd
Shenda ( In full: Shenda Electric Group Co.,Ltd.)  is one of the leading manufacturers in the power transmission & distribution industry. Founded in 2000 and currently employs about 1,100 employees worldwide. Shenda operates three factories (two in China and one in the United States of America - R. E. Uptegraff Manufacturing Company, LLC of Pennsylvania, U.S.A.).  Shenda also owns other ten subsidiaries throughout China. The annual gross sales is USD$250 million in 2015.

Shenda's annual total production capacity is about 18,000,000 KVA, Our main products include oil immersed power transformer(up to 250MVA/ 330kV) , dry type transformer(up to 20MVA/35kV), combined transformer substation, amorphous alloy transformer, rectifier transformer (100MVA/220kV )and especially furnace transformer(180MVA/220kV). Our products' performance measures up to the standards established by International Electric Committee (IEC). 

All of Shenda transformers' parts' manufacturing must put quality management system: ISO 9001:2008 Into practice, and only those transformers that have successfully passed all the comprehensive tests will then go into practical application. Additional Shenda Electric's products have obtained Short circuit test report from CESI Italy, Type test report from KEMA Netherlands, V-check certificate from KESCO Korea, etc. 

Owing to our good reputation on quality and service, our products have been sold well not only throughout China, but also exported to more than 60 overseas countries and regions

Today Shenda is one of the largest supplier of furnace transformer to the steel industry and the largest supplier of power transformer in Ecuador. 

SHENDA has formed its own technology characteristics by absorbing and assimilating advanced technology, the iron adopts the advanced 45o total -oblique connecting seam, upper iron yoke non-folding to reduce the no-load loss; adopt advanced core column tightening device to reduce the noise further; the winding adopt combined lead and transposition lead to reduce the additional loss; calculation accurately the impulse features of electric filed and winding to ensure the excellent electric property and impulse intensity.

Short circuit test report-100MVA/220KV 
Type test report - 50MVA/69kV Power transformer

 1.Q: Are you manufacturer?
        A: Yes, we are manufacturer. Our factory is in Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province.
2.Q: Can I get guarantee of products?
    A:  Yes, every product is 1 year quality warrantee under customer correct using the products.
3.Q: Do you have any Certificate?
    A: Yes. Each of our unit has CE, 3C and KEMA certificate. If you need any other Certificate, we can help you to apply it.
4.Q: How can I pay you?
    A: Pay by T/T and  L/C is acceptable.
5.Q: What about the production?
    A: In general,  it take 4~6weeks and it depend on the different style.

Any need for power transformer, please feel free to contact us:
Lluvia | Oversea sales | Oversea Dept.
Shenda Electic Group Co., L


Transformer accessories
On load voltage regulating switch imported from MR,USA
No load voltage regulating switch imported from ABB, USA
High pressure casing imported from PCORE USA
Canadian PCORE low pressure casing138kv 56000kVA Two Winding No Load Tap Changing High Voltage Substation Oil-Immersed Power Transformer with Kema Certificate

Zs 1650kVA 10kv Oil-Immersed Rectifier Transformer
Zs 1650kVA 10kv Oil-Immersed Rectifier Transformer

45 Mva 220kv Power Transformer with Oltc


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