11kv Kbsg dry-type mine explosion-proof dry-type transformer copper/aluminum 100kVA

1) 22 years\' manufacturing experience with three subsidiaries2) Top 3 in China3) won tender abroad4) IP54Tech data:1. Standards: GB1094-1996; GB8286-2005; GB3836-2000; GB/T10228-2008; EQV IEC7262. Capacity Range: 50-4000kVA3. Voltage Grade: 6, 11kV4. Voltage Regukation Mode: Off circuit tap changing5. Tapping Range: ± 5%

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1) 22 years' manufacturing experience with three subsidiaries
2) Top 3 in China
3) won tender abroad
4) IP54

Tech data:
1. Standards: GB1094-1996; GB8286-2005; GB3836-2000; GB/T10228-2008; EQV IEC726
2. Capacity Range: 50-4000kVA
3. Voltage Grade: 6, 11kV
4. Voltage Regukation Mode: Off circuit tap changing
5. Tapping Range: ± 5%, ± 2× 2.5% or others
6. Frequency: 50Hz; 60Hz
7. Phase: Three phase
8. Connection Sign: Yy0(d11), Dyn11 or others
9. Short Circuit Impedance: Standard impedance (For details see technical data sheet)
10. Max. Temperature: 145K

The mineral product separates the explode migration transformer substation separaters the explode migration transformer substation by the mineral product with the do-like transformer, the high-pressured load switch either the high pressure and the low pressure switch ot he low pressure guarantees is composed
This series dry type mining explosion isolation movable transformer substation is a kind of movable whole set distribution and transformation device.
It has the protection of creepage, earth leakage, overload, short circuit, overvoltage, undervoltage etc

It is suitable for not only mines filled with firedamp mixed gas, grime and explosive gas, but also the gas and steam environment that can not erode metal and insulation.
Technical Data of 11kV KBSG Series Dry Type Mining Explosion Isolation Dry Type Transformer
   Loss (kW)  Weight (kg)(mm)Gauge(mm)
Rated CapacityVoltage Group(kV)Connection                 (145)No-load currentImpedance(L)(W)(H) 
(kVA)HVLVNo-loadLoad%% Dimension 
5010± 5%0.693/0.4 1.2/0.693  1.2          3.45Yy0              (d11)3906802.54140023109501295600
200950180024220027309501525600                  900
800Yy0              (d11)  Dyn11230051001.244700320010801600
(Note): (Tapping range of high voltage) ± 5%; ± 2× 2.5%, Frequency: 50Hz. The above data provides a reference only, movable transformer sustation the basis switch of the shape size  of transformer substation different but different.

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