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2021-12-13 14:38:24 By : Mr. Carter Huang

Peshawar: The investment-friendly environment in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is attracting foreign and local investment and developing the province into a land full of opportunities. In addition, new investments are also particularly focused on the closure and rehabilitation of morbid industrial units. In addition to the resumption of work in 124 units, the construction of 271 new units is also underway in all economic zones, 86 of which have already been put into operation. The rejuvenated unit created more than 3,000 jobs at a cost of 2.4 billion rupees.

Business and officials attribute the outstanding achievement to Chief Minister Mahmood Khan, KP CM Special Assistant to Industry, Abdul Karim Khan, Minister of Industry Hamayun Khan and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Economic Zone Development and Management Company (KP) -EZDMC), Javed Iqbal Khattak. Under the instructions and guidance of the Chief Minister, the management of the company follows a highly friendly business policy, has converted all real estate offices into industrial promotion offices, registered SPV companies for the flagship Rasakae Special Economic Zone, and cooperated with China Road and Bridge Corporation (CRBC).

The company has successfully launched five economic zones, including Jalozai EZ, Nowshera EZ (extended), DI Khan EZ, Rashakai EZ, and Chitral EZ. At the same time, the rapid development and provision of utilities for 11 other such programs is in full swing. . Speaking of success, KP-EZDMC Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Javed Iqbal Khattak stated that 59% of road infrastructure work, 85% of overhead water tanks, and 5MW independent feeder work are in progress. At the same time, 200 KVA power transformers have been installed in Jalozai. EZ, 55% of the road infrastructure work and 75% of the water supply have been completed, another 5MW independent feeder is in progress, and a 200 KVA transformer has been installed.

The Rashakai Special Economic Zone has received 10 MW of electricity, 80% of the work has been 160 MW and 30MMCFD natural gas supply has been completed, and the channel has been completed.

Similarly, the work of other special economic zones and special economic zones are also going through different stages, and the PC-I of Moherman District has been submitted to the Ministry of Planning and Development, and at the same time it has requested part 4 of expropriation to purchase more than 140 acres of land. The Center Excellence The feasibility study of the marble mining and processing technology has also been submitted. Similarly, the colonization of the area has also started, and three units have begun production.

In the DIKhan Economic Zone, the restoration and colonization of the existing infrastructure has started, and 6 units are in operation. A plan worth 835 million Pakistani rupees has been approved, and Section 4 for the establishment of Salt and Gypsum City in Karak has been approved.

The company has also mobilized 165 billion rupees in investment through new and existing economic zones, and has allocated 357.61 acres of land to investors since March 2020.

It also succeeded in saving infrastructure costs in the Jalozai and Hattar Special Economic Zones. In Jalozai, the cost of infrastructure was reduced from 3.5 billion rupees to 5.27 billion rupees by reducing the right of way and unnecessary use of lane infrastructure, while in Hattar, rainwater discharge and water supply costs were reduced from 2.9 billion rupees to 6.639 billion rupees.

The company is committed to providing world-class industrial infrastructure and providing convenience to investors through its Industrial Promotion Office. "Our effort is to promote KP's economic activities and create employment opportunities for locals in the province."

The CEO stated that KP-EZDMC is the only company in Pakistan engaged in a specific industry, and for this purpose, is operating three such economic zones, including minerals and salt and gypsum. Projects in the mining sector include the Mohmand Economic Zone and Buner Marble City, and the Salt and Gypsum City-Karak. The goal of these projects is to add value to mineral products.

To this end, he said, the company is making every effort to attract foreign investors, increase exports of mineral products, while developing the skills of local labor and promoting the use of modern technology, making them an efficient department in the province. .

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